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Critical Dam Destroyed on Front Line in Southern Ukraine

Prince Harry, in Dramatic Testimony, Accuses Journalists of Phone Hacking

Prince Harry arriving at court on Tuesday in London to testify as a plaintiff in a phone hacking civil trial.

Destroyed Dam Sends Ukrainians Fleeing for Shelter

D-Day’s Historic Beaches Face a New Onslaught: Rising Seas

Wooden fencing has been installed to help retain sand on the dune in front of the Utah Beach Landing Museum in Ste.-Marie-du-Mont, France.

Nazi Symbols on Ukraine’s Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History

A Russian volunteer fighter for the Ukrainian army, wearing a Galizien patch, which have been adopted as symbols of anti-Russian resistance and national pride, in Southern Ukraine, in 2022.

Takeaways From Prince Harry’s Testimony Against U.K. Tabloids

Prince Harry leaving the High Court on Tuesday in London after giving evidence.

Bolsonaro to Face Trial Over Electoral Fraud Claims

Former President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil speaking in March, after his loss, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in March in National Harbor, Md.

French Pension Plan Protests Erupt Again

Riot police used a water cannon on Tuesday to disperse demonstrators rallying in Rennes, in northwestern France, against government changes to pensions.

Prince Harry Is Pressed on Details in Lawsuit Against U.K. Tabloids

Prince Harry leaving the High Court in London after giving evidence on Tuesday.

Storming a Trench Is Treacherous Business. Here’s How It’s Done.

Ukraine’s 93rd Mechanized Brigade firing a mortar at Russian positions from outside Bakhmut in May.

Testimony Is Another Chapter in What Has Become a Life of Litigation

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, are plaintiffs in no fewer than seven cases against the British tabloids and other media.

As Assad’s Isolation Lifts, Syrian Refugees Fear Pressure to Return Home

Rasha, a Syrian refugee, and her three children were deported from Lebanon back to Syria in April. She is now back at her home in Beirut.

India’s Trains Resume Service Near Deadly Crash in Balasore

Railway workers in India on Sunday at the site of a three-train crash.

Sudan War: What We Know About the Conflict, and Why It Hasn’t Stopped

Smoke rose in Omdurman, Sudan, as fighting broke out on April 15 between two rival military factions in Khartoum, the capital, and around the country.

Internal Blast Probably Breached Ukraine Dam, Experts Say (Cautiously)

Destroyed Ukrainian Dam Floods War Zone and Forces Evacuations

The Nova Kakhovka dam in the Kherson region of Ukraine was breached early Tuesday.

Through Ties to Saudis, Golf Deal Promises Benefits to Trump

LIV Golf brought three tournaments at courses belonging to the Trump family in 2023, another example of the close relationship between the former president and Saudi Arabia.

Your Wednesday Briefing: A Dam Destroyed in Ukraine

A satellite image showing an overview of the damage on the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine on Tuesday.

U.S. Was Aware of Ukrainian Plan to Bomb Nord Stream Pipeline Before Attack

An intelligence summary showed that the United States and European allies had reason to believe even before the attack that Ukraine viewed the pipelines as a target.

Dam Destruction Threatens Crimea’s Water Supply, Russia Warns

Residents looked at a partly flooded area of Kherson on Tuesday after damage to the Kakhovka dam.

A Summer Without Arctic Sea Ice Could Come a Decade Sooner Than Expected

Lighter-than-usual sea ice conditions at the North Pole in August 2020.

Prince Harry Says Tabloid Intrusion Caused His Chelsy Davy Breakup

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy at a rugby match in London in 2009.

World Bank Projects Weak Global Growth Amid Rising Interest Rates

A factory in Give, Denmark. Rising interest rates may slow output in industries around the world, in both advanced and developing economies.

A Religious School That’s Also a Public School

Read Prince Harry’s Written Statement to the Court

Prince Harry Wages War Against Tabloids Forced to Change, if Not Retreat

The Sun, leading in 2020 with a story on Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, is part of a crowded field feeding celebrity news to the British public.

The Immigrant Experience in a Danish Butter Cookie Tin

Who Is David Sherborne, Prince Harry’s Lawyer?

David Sherborne, the lead lawyer in two of Prince Harry’s three current lawsuits, arriving at the High Court in London on Tuesday.

Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine Destroyed: What to Know

A screengrab from a video showing damage to the Kakhovka dam on Tuesday.

Your Tuesday Briefing

The Ukrainian Army’s 95th Air Assault Brigade in a wooded position targeting Russian forces in eastern Ukraine on Friday.

Biden Administration Shrugs Off Ukraine’s Attacks in Russia

Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbas region of Ukraine on Friday.

In New Ukrainian Attacks, U.S. Officials See Signs of a Counteroffensive

Soldiers from Ukraine’s 95th Air Assault Brigade, with a lightweight British howitzer, targeted Russian positions in eastern Ukraine on Friday.

Blinken to Talk to Saudis About Normalizing Ties With Israel

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will visit Saudi Arabia this week.

Hackers Air Deep Fake Putin Speech Calling for Mobilization

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia at the Kremlin on Thursday. His real voice appeared to have been used to create the fake announcement.

Biden Invites Allies to Washington as Fighting Intensifies in Ukraine

President Biden hosted Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen of Denmark at the White House on Monday.

Your Tuesday Briefing: Is Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Here?

Members of the 95th Air Assault Brigade operating a howitzer in the Donetsk region on Friday.

At Least 42 Are Dead and Thousands Are Displaced After Flooding in Haiti

Residents crossing a submerged road in Léogâne, Haiti, about 23 miles west of the capital Port-au-Prince. Heavy rain caused widespread flooding over the weekend.

Poland Rejects E.U. Ruling, Restarting a European Feud

Supporters and members of opposition parties take part in the “4th June March” in Warsaw, on Sunday.

Prince Harry Will Be the First British Royal to Testify Since Edward VII

Prince Albert Edward, the eldest son of Queen Victoria, in 1898. Seven years earlier, he testified as part of a court case.

This Famous ‘Spy’ Whale Likes People. That Could Be a Problem.

Hvaldimir, a beluga whale, was spotted in the waters off Norway in April.

Nearly 90 Afghan Schoolgirls Were Poisoned, Officials Suspect

Girls attending class in Kabul in March. The suggestion of poisonings has rattled nerves in northern Afghanistan, where restrictions on girls’ education have become a flashpoint under the Taliban.

Fighting is raging at several points on the front line, Russian and U.S. officials say.

Members of the 95th Air Assault Brigade operating a howitzer in the Donetsk region on Friday.

Hong Kong Court Overturns Conviction of Journalist Bao Choy

Bao Choy, center, speaking to the news media in Hong Kong after her conviction was overturned on Monday.

Millennials Just Keep Voting

American Kestrels Are in a Puzzling Decline

A tagged kestrel in Harmony Township, N.J., held by John Smallwood, a biology professor at Montclair State University.

In Search of Iceberg Alley’s Spectacular Show

Guests aboard a tour boat approaching an iceberg near the town of Twillingate, Newfoundland.

Oxford Business College and Others Make Millions Off Immigrant Students

The Oxford Business College campus this year in Slough, England.

Amsterdam Train Service Resumes After Disruption

Central Station in Amsterdam last year. Train service to and from the Dutch capital resumed on Monday after cancellations on Sunday.

Russia says it repelled a large-scale Ukrainian assault.

Members of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade firing an 82mm mortar at Russian positions, outside of Bakhmut last month.

Jacinda Ardern Is Now a Dame, Recognized for Service to New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern at the United Nations’ European headquarters in Geneva last month.

Prince Harry to Testify in Hacking Case, but He Was a No-Show on Monday

Prince Harry leaving the High Court in London in March. He has turned his campaign against the tabloid press into one of the animating causes of his life.

Kathleen Folbigg Is Pardoned; Australian Official Cites ‘New Evidence’

Kathleen Folbigg in 2019, during the first of two official Australian inquiries into her case.

India Funds New Trains Ahead of Safety Improvements, Analysts Say

Railway workers in India on Sunday at the site of a three-train crash.

India Vows Punishment for Those Responsible for Deadly Train Crash

Relatives checking the bodies of victims at a school in Balasore, India, on Sunday.

Huge Crowds Protest Poland’s Governing Conservative Party

Supporters and members of Poland’s opposition parties protested against the government’s policies in Krakow on Sunday.